While desktop, and even laptop sales are on the steady decline, smartphones and tablets are growing more popular. This kind of occurrence usually prompts “experts” to announce that PC is dead, either immediately, or in 5 years, depending on who you ask. We’ll let them cool down for a bit, while we analyze why desktops will never go away, nor they should, because we need them.

Despite all the fancy bells and whistles that tablets bring to the table, and the smug satisfaction we get from swiping the touchscreen, as if we are in “Minority Report”, they still cannot replace desktop or laptop PCs. These are some of the reasons why PCs are here to stay.


While there are some seriously powerful components tucked away inside the tablet or laptop casings, their power is dwarfed by the power of the equivalent components found inside desktops. Yes, tablets keep on getting more powerful, but so do desktops, always several steps ahead of the mobile pack.

Desktop are irreplaceable among graphic designers, photographers, software developers, and last, but not least, gamers.

Difference in Apps

Although there are hundreds of millions of apps available for both Android and iOS, among which some are exceptional, they are nowhere near their PC counterparts in terms of complexity, desktops will not be replacedcapabilities and sophistication. This difference is so clearly visible when you compare mobile versions of massive software suites, like Office or Photoshop, with their PC equivalents. Tablets and smartphones have a long way to go before they can catch up.


One of the most frequently listed aspects in which traditional desktops have the edge over tablets is the keyboard. Of course, tablet devices also have a keyboard, although theirs is a virtual one. What’s the problem with it?

Well, the problem is that it’s not actually there. People prefer physical keyboards and for a good reason. They are much faster, since you can use both hands, and more accurate. Why abandon them for something that’s worse? Until tablets are equipped with something better than a virtual keyboard, desktop still have the edge when it comes to typing.

No Business Can Run Without Them

The business world has been quick to adopt tablet devices, as it makes some things a lot easier, but for the important bits, they still turn to Windows, and we’re talking about the PC version. There are Windows tablets, sure, but so far, they barely made a dent in desktops armor.


Security was one of the things that tablet champions often pointed out as an improvement over PC desktops, and it was true, at least for a while. But, along with the rise in popularity and the ever growing number of apps available came the hackers, which turned Android into a premiere breeding ground for malware and viruses. While PCs are no better in that aspect, tablets no longer have the edge when it comes to security.